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About us

What is COBOX?

COBOX Metaverse is one of the most trasformative promising future technologies COBOX web3 meta stands firmly in support of financial freedom digital rich and liberty that provides global foundation for COBOX participant in VR gaming and permission decentralised network COBOX metaverse land which empower people to not to be marginilised by goverment and financial institutions COBOX is sure to be transparent and no hidden technologies COBOX is engage in web3 meteaverse blockchain technologies

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After facebook came into meta world it was like eye catching but nobody was not aware what really it meant people was more intresting to know how the internet and technologies involve in web1, web2, web3 when we talk about different evolutionary step of the internet and know we have the COBOX metaverse world. COBOX is leaving the defination behind the imagination something that you can create your perfect Alter-ego in a virtual world where with ownership and controlled of every aspect you can create socialise collaborate


COBOX metaverse is massively scalable persistent network with immersive experience by interconnected virtual worlds focused on real time interaction where people can more socially interact play to earn, sell product, create your office,travel around world ,offer to rent your property, build your ecommerce, play and even sell, with virtualisation and technologies [AR,VR hapic-sensors] With ownership to fully immersive way the users into the virtual world people can interact with entire world that is always there, Accesible whenever he wants like a sub-world which you can join, leave or you can create, some important factors that are digital regcognise, digital ownership, digital currency and the universal transfer ability to digital assests fully funtioning economy in a virtual world.



WEB3 will have ownership of the users, AI Artificial intelligence with web3 and and the difference of metaverse there is lot of discussion a lot of world expert like belive that Metaverse is the next of internet. After with lesser opportunity to earn this on WEB2, we have examine jump into the immersive internet called metaverse, COBOX says web3 internet is future with the ownership on virtual world


ROBLOX=ROBLOX started as a gaming world where you can create your own games as a users and give others acess to them that are more pushing towards creating their own metaverse,brands like ,Gucci,Vans,they are set to buy for your virtual self.


META horizon world =facebook launched a virtual meeting room enviroment which can be accessed by the company owned oculus VR headset on the horizon worlds. It allows interacting with pears in virtual meetings rooms.


MINDCRAFT=OVER 140 million users are regularly playing the lego like games world minecraft, the company was bought from microsoft where players create their character, creation of unlimited virtual world on their incl digital and more.


Decentraland Metaverse = host an online fashion show featuring labels like Tommy Hilfigure, Dolce and gabbana and many others.


COBOX is focussing on importance to have a functioning market place and an economic system .this would also allow creating fully digital marketplace and purely digital transactions in the metaverse examples=Auctions, parties,art gallery ,can be experienced from anywhere from world everyone would have access ,like you are walking into amazon web shop and experienced the product their as if they were in front of you.


COBOX metaverse says social interaction would look like possible to interact with each other and also have social gathering, this approach takes social media to next level As it gets.


COBOX will help people see on a screen with some video blocks ,it will be possible to be in the same virtual room, brains strom, write on a white board and even change the room according to your needs. Augmented workplace would combine these features allowing people to virtually participate in a physical meeting, you can examine that you have hologram in the room, you could experience the people and the avtaars at the same time and be able to interact as if you were their.


COBOX people will travel across world while sitting in their room comfort zone,time of isolation travelling was restricted bescause of climate change as a processing problem, it might be an interesting opinion to create virtual worlds imagine game like enviroment where people are experiencing the swiss Alps, climbing the himalayas or walikng on their own through the Paris market, attending concerts, doing shopping, attending marriages,going to world biggest hospitals ,planet visits, virtual worlds like lords of rings on many others places that we cannot imagine today.


Phase 01 2022 Q 2 COBOX Established Obtain both legal action for business incorporation legal opinion for token Team Building for the COBOX Platform project Development started
Phase 01 2022 Q 3 Create a draft of the Play-2-Earn reward system and test economic model Launch the website : THECOBOX.ORG Started Social media connections
Phase 01 2022 Q 4 Project marketing Community building Metaverse Development Metaverse Architecture Development
Phase 02 2023 Q 1 Website Update COBOX project launch Project patent approval White paper Releasing Confining Road map Big Partnership Announcement Community Build-up and Scale-up COBOX Grand Launch